Pre-Sale Home Inspections 

A pre-sale inspection is a certified home inspection performed prior to putting the home up for sale, allowing the seller to take care of issues before negotiating a contract.

Common Pre-Sale Home Inspection questions and answers:

1.       What does a pre-sale inspection with AHI entail?  

A pre-sale inspection is much like a whole home inspection, but performed prior to sale, giving the seller flexibility to repair an issue(s) or potential issue(s) before a contract is negotiated. During the pre-sale inspection, we evaluate each of the nine systems independently and as a whole.

2.       Why use AHI?

Allen Home Inspections is a leader in performing pre-sale inspections in the Miami Valley.

In the same manner of a whole home inspection, we look at your home as if we were selling it, intentionally providing you with the same information that we would like to have.

3.       Who performs the pre-sale inspection?

Josh Allen, owner and lead inspector, and his trained associate will perform your pre-sale inspection.

4.       What benefits do pre-sale inspections have? 

Having a pre-sale inspection offers several benefits:

  • Gives the seller the opportunity to identify and fix any issues before the sale of the home.
  • Provides insight to the seller on what should be repaired and what is considered regular maintenance.
  • Allows the Realtor to price the home in accordance with the condition of the home.
  • Brings security to the buyer to preview the issues up front and assures them that someone has seen the home and determined it to be safe.
  • A good incentive for a quick sale.

5.       When will I receive the pre-sale inspection report? 

In most circumstances, a pre-sale inspection report will be emailed to you the same day as your inspection.

6.       Does my lender require a pre-sale inspection before selling my home? 

A pre-sale inspection is not required to sell your home.

7.       How often do you find issues? 

Depending on the age of the home, the installation of each system, and how well the home was maintained, we will most likely find issues (small or large) with the home. For a pre-sale inspection, it is to your benefit that these issues are found and disclosed prior to sale.