Whole Home Inspections

A whole home inspection is the thorough inspection of the nine systems of the home: roof, exterior, interior, plumbing, electric, heating, cooling, insulation, and structure.

Common questions and answers for Whole Home Inspections:

1.       What does a home inspection with AHI entail? 

Allen Home Inspections (AHI) follows ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) standards of practice. These standards are based on the above nine systems (roof, exterior, interior, plumbing, electric, heating, cooling, insulation, and structure). Each system is evaluated separately; however, due to possible overlapping, we look at each system wholly as well as independently.

2.       Why use AHI? 

Several factors separate us from our competition. Most importantly, we look at each house as if we were purchasing it, intentionally providing you with the same information that we would like to have. AHI is confident in our ability to provide a quality, proficient inspection, and our record of satisfied clients affirm this.

3.       Who performs the inspection? 

Josh Allen, owner and lead inspector, and his trained associate will perform your inspection. Termite and Radon inspections are performed in collaboration with AHI by a trusted, licensed inspector. Because of this collaboration, we are able to offer you a thorough inspection as well as accountability for issues that may have been missed.

4.       When will I receive the inspection report?  

In most circumstances, an inspection report will be emailed to you the same day as your inspection.

5.       Does my lender require a home inspection before purchasing the home?

Most lenders do not require a whole home inspection to purchase a home; however, some may require verification of certain aspects of the home (foundation, structure, specific system) depending on the type of loan acquired.

6.       How often do you find issues? 

Depending on the age of the home, the installation of each system, and how well the home was maintained, we will most likely find issues (small or large) with the home. It is to your benefit that these issues are found and disclosed prior to purchasing the home.


While it is our goal to inspect your home thoroughly, especially for safety in habitability, it is possible - in the period allotted - to miss an issue. If this is the case, we are more than happy to work with you to resolve the missed issue