Water Testing

A water test is performed to ensure the quality of the home’s drinking water / well water – testing for polluted and toxic water, water hardness, and presence of metals.

Common Water Testing questions and answers:

1.       What does water testing with AHI entail?

AHI tests for water pressure (when running 25 to 50 gallons) and bacteria (E-coli and total Coliform). We also test for lead, Nitrite, and Nitrate (NO2/NO3), required for certain types of loans.

2.       Who performs the water testing? 

AHI will take a sampling of your water to an EPA approved laboratory.

3.       What is the benefit of water testing? 

Today, more than ever, people are concerned about what goes into their bodies. What is in the water we drink is just as important as what is in the food we eat. Bacteria found in water can be a very real risk if not killed out of the water source.

4.       When will I receive the results of water testing?

Most water samples take three business days to be returned. For an additional fee, the results can be expedited.

5.       Does my lender require water testing before purchasing the home?

The answer to this is dependent on the type of loan you acquire. For example, a conventional loan may not have water testing requirements compared to a VA or FHA loan.

Check with your lender for loan requirements.

6.       How often are water issues found?

The answer varies. If a home has been vacant, more than likely there will be bacteria in the water.