Mold Inspection

Mold naturally grows in an indoor environment - commonly found in homes. Many molds are harmless, but certain types found in homes can be dangerous.

Common Home Mold Inspection questions and answers:

1.       What does a mold inspection with AHI entail?

Allen Home Inspections inspects mold using tape samples of specified areas and/or air samples to determine the type of mold and how much is in the air.

Our inspection includes three samplings using top of the line equipment.

2.       Who performs the mold inspection?

AHI retrieves the samples and sends them to an EPA approved laboratory to determine results.

3.       What is the benefit of a mold inspection?

Identifying and eliminating mold could prevent serious symptoms that are caused by mold exposure – some even life-threatening.

Other benefits include improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of structural damage.

4.       When will I receive the results of the mold inspection?

Typically, it takes three business days for the lab to determine the results.

5.       Does my lender require a mold inspection before purchasing the home?

Lenders do not typically require a mold inspection.

Check with your lender for loan requirements.

6.       How often are mold issues found?

Mold is a common issue, especially in vacant and humid homes.